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Angel Beats! Season 2!?

Angel Beats! Season 2??


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Anisong quiz

This is awesome. Enough said.


There are 3 parts to this thing, basically you have 20 minutes to listen to a 9+minute long sound clip and try to fill in the name of the anime related to the song. Good luck have fun!

And thanks to the individual who posted this in Facebook

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Story [Rating: 10/10]

One of the best animes I’ve ever seen, let alone I find this one of the best that has been aired in 2010. Basically, Angel Beats revolves around the characters who had regrets in their past lives when they died and had to be in the world where everybody’s dead, and you can’t die either in that world. There was also a war happening between one of the main characters, Tenshi or Tachibana Kanade and the rest of the other main characters who are in a Federation that they claim as the Battlefront Rebels of God. This anime has some funny moments which were shown at the right time, example is that a funny scene pops out when the atmosphere is light and when it’s time to be serious, the whole atmosphere changes. I like the times when the anime is intense and I actually find it pointless if this anime is forever serious, the comedy sequences makes it very well balanced. Sad scenes were introduced too, usually at the end of each episode, they can be tear jerking or very saddening and yet touching. The last episode managed to make me cry….or let’s say drop a few tears, a very well made anime I would say.

Art [Rating: 10/10]

I just love how detailed the environment is and how well drawn the characters are. Graphics are pretty awesome too, totally what you can expect out of a anime that has been created in this generation. Character expressions are amazing too, very well created and their feelings were very well expressed. Effects are nice and I have always enjoyed every action scene they had.

Sound [Rating: 10/10]

Voice acting is just brilliant, sounds effects are nice and the opening and ending songs are enjoyable, I’ve never skipped the opening or ending because of this. The soundtracks which were released were all enjoyable to listen too, especially the song which was played at the ending of the last episode, it followed well with the atmosphere.
Characters [Rating: 10/10]
I basically like every character, each of them has their own weaknesses and advantages and once they work together, lots of different things can happen. Although it was commonly said by watchers that this anime could be perfect but due to the casts being badly used, it didn’t really turned out well but I have to disagree at this point, there was nothing wrong with the casts in my eyes and opinion.

Enjoyment [Rating: 10/10]
Like I’ve said, I love this anime a lot, I’ve enjoyed every part of it. Be it a sad, intense or funny scene, I’ll just sit back and enjoy. Every Saturday when I wake up from my sleep, this is the first anime that comes to my mind when I am having breakfast and I would always love to catch it in HD.

Overall [10/10]
Totally just a beautiful anime that I would recommend to anyone who love its genre, the rating which I gave it may be high to some other people but I’m proud to say that this is the type of anime which I enjoy watching and that’s why it scores a perfect score. Thank you for reading this post brought to you by Freya of Pineapple Memories. Check back for more information and news.


p.s kaiy: I am actually more sad when yurippe disappeared.

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the larger the better, right?

Episode 13 is totally awesome, though it was not what I expected. I shall keep it this short in case I begin spoiling.

But if you are interested there are some low quality screens from clicking more.


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In the Works

よ~し, みなさん! edk です!

Wow, my first post here. Hope everyone has enjoyed your stay here, with Freya’s posts and the Precious Memories Rules and Translations. In case you haven’t checked out the About page yet, please do so to know more about the authors of the site! We have a new member too, kaiy, who will be our product reviewer for all things Music, Games and Magazines~

PS: kaiy is somewhat of a secret creature ><

There will event coverage, pictures of our wanderings and last but not least, battle videos! We hope to be able to upload videos of our card games with each other really soon ^^

Finally, we have a big project in the works. We do hope it succeeds, and we’ll announce it here first-hand if it does! Remember, watch this space!

Even Mugi can't wait to see more

Until then, Goodnight, and Good Luck.

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Are you guys ready? Are you guys ready for the biggest thing that is gonna happen this season? That’s right, Angel Beats’ last episode is gonna be aired tomorrow. Be sure to catch in it HD and subbed and let’s say…witness a spectacular ending? Or maybe an unfinished ending which leads us to thinking of a Season 2? That’s why we have to wait and see it with our own eyes, be sure to check back for a review of the anime when it’s finished airing and completed.


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Hey guys, Freya here again, edk has updated the rules section for Precious Memories so for all of you who do not know the rules yet, do check it out. Apparently this Saturday marks the official opening for 3 new series’ Trial Decks for Weiss Schwarz – Angel Beats/Kud Wafter, Fairy Tail and lastly, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A’s (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s). If you have a liking towards any of these series, do head down to Rapid Culture and take a look at them this Saturday and to support edk and I in our 2 v 2 Weiss Schwarz tournament event and the Precious Memories demo after that. For now, check back for more latest information and news.


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