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THE 軽音部??

Remember the hollywood-like trailer of K-ON movie you saw in episode 25?

ok just kidding. But K-ON is really getting a movie.


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Railgun second season?

The source for this seems to be from TSUTAYA. It’s the same source as the one that first announced about Index second season so it’s a reliable source.

Hope there’s a radio show for this season too and is still hosted by aki and kanae. Because I like their voices.

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This is the best I will can do with my laziness.
From sphere special volume 3 on MUSIC ON! TV that aired 2days ago.
Just in case anyone still doesn’t know, this song is the opening theme for Otome Youkai Zakuro in the coming fall season.

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Just to show how awesome Jam Project is.

oh, vid not by me.

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Site’s opened : http://animefestival.asia/

$198 for 2 Days concert ticket, pretty cheap already considering who is coming for AFAX.

More to be posted up later.

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In the style of Azunyan;

Next Episode will be the last Episode of K-ON!!

It has been a lot of fun being with all of you; Yui, Mugi, Azunyan, Mio and definitely Ritsu. Whenever I start to question myself, I look to all of you for comfort and cheer, knowing full well I won’t be disappointed.

I won’t be mad if y’all come up with even more merchandise for K-On!! to exploit us fans, and I won’t ever regret buying them, even if it lands me in debt… I won’t complain, and I’ll work hard to become a better fan…

Please, just don’t let K-On!! end.

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Both songs have great lyrics, in their own ways.
I don’t regret ordering a copy of this.

Aki is da best.

[edk: Actually Mina-chan is.]

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