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By far my 2 most anticipated animes are these 2. Each week I wait anxiously just to get one episode and enjoy it during my dinner time so yea, they’re the 2 best ones of this season so far.

Hanasaku Iroha started off extremely well, with a touching plot from the first episode which resulted in this anime being a rare one which can have me saying that the first episode was awesome. Usually typical animes would just start off with a first episode that leads you to thinking ‘What am I watching?’ but this doesn’t. PERFECT!

Lots of cute and awesome characters in this show, ranging from clumsy to smart ones. I especially love the art, characters’ expressions and such are awesome till I love every bit of the show I watch. The character development is amazingly good too, each character has his/her own personality. BRILLIANT!

This show’s sense of humor is great too, being funny depending on the situation which is well plotted. The above are my favorite characters, cute Ohana and tsundere Minchi. MY TYPES! Jokes being aside, this is a awesome show by far, anybody who isn’t watching it must give it a go no matter what because it’s a mix-bag of different genres which turns out pretty well.

Let’s move on to Kami Nomi II. The first season was one of my favorites for a long time because of its storyline. Now when there’s a sequel I am extremely delighted and always will be watching each episode released weekly no matter how busy I am. More characters = YUMMY, nuff’ said.

YES! YES! YES! More cute Elsie please! She was my favorite all along but then Haqua is cute and extremely beautiful too, but somehow…way more mature than Elsie….BUT I LIKE. Art is still brilliant as usual, I always like to be mesmerized by the beauty of all the girls, especially Kusunoki, SO TSUNDERE…I LIKE. That being said, of course the character expressions are amazing as well, character development is great too! If I’m not wrong, this is the anime with the highest rating on MAL for this season.

As I come to the closing of the post, this show is still hilarious as the last season. I enjoy every single episode laughing my ass off at the humor given by this show. So yea people, GIVE IT A TRY IF YOU HAVEN’T….of course, watch the first season first.

SAAAAAAAD, NO MORE KANON. That’s my expression when I didn’t see her in the cast list 😡

Anyway peeps, if you have a twitter account, follow me @FreyaDeMessi for any updates on PM’s posts and such. Alright, imma go do some other things now, till my next post….stay awesome!



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Yo Peeps!  I’m in the midst of my mid-year exams and tomorrow’s my last paper of the week so I’ll have some breathing time to post up something so expect it yo!


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OH S**T!

Dayum! We’ve made our debut on Facebook!

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Alright people, how have ya’ll been? For all we know, this season has came to an end with only a few animes’ last episode to be aired. However, the spirit of spring is here for me, with a total of 17 animes on my watch list. I’ve already watched the first episode of Dog Days and I would say it’s kind of interesting and will be hoping to see more of it as time goes by. Next on my main priority watching list would be Kami Nomi Season 2 and Steins;Gate which both looks kickass. Other interesting titles would be Ao no Exorcist, C, Ano Hi Mita Hana, Moshidora, Hoshizora, Hidan no Aria and much much more. To be honest, I’m looking forward to this season’s titles and I hope you guys are looking forward to them too!


Happy fighting!


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