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Quoted from Rapid Culture:

We will be holding not 1 but 2!! workshops a week this July:


I) 22nd July (Fri): 2-4pm / 5-7pm

II) 23rd July (Sat): 4-6pm

III) 28th July (Thurs): 2-5pm

IV) 29th July (Fri): 2-4pm / 5-7pm


*Learning Decks will be provided for those who doesn’t have a deck.*

+++ Stand to win exclusive PRs while attending the workshops! +++
5 limited PRs will be given to 5 lucky participants who attend any of the 4 workshops.
Lucky Draw will be held after the 4th Workshop. Winners will be notified.

In a bid to help the newbies to kickstart their new hobby, We will be selling the
k-on! Season 1 Part 2 Starter Deck for just $24 (UP$30) on these 4 workshop days!


Hope to see you guys there!



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Are you ready for the biggest event in Precious Memories Singapore’s history to ever happen?! Peeps from the Pineapple team will be hosting the very first but yet unofficial Precious Memories TCG workshop! Details as listed below


Venue: Rapid Culture @ Funan DigitalLife Mall

Date: Starts on 15th and 16th July, followed by every Friday and Saturday weekly

Time: 1.30pm – 7.30pm


Rest assured as beginner decks will be formed for keen learners. It’ll be a full vanilla deck with a few simple events that can be used, this will help new players learn the basics of the game before moving into advanced abilities. As the main titles are coming out on sale soon, such as Oreimo, Denpa Onna and Madoka, we’ve decided to start workshops to get more players into the community. So what are you waiting for?! Just come down to the shop and get started on Precious Memories TCG!


Instructors that can be found there are:

– Edk from Pineapple Deluxe

– Higa from The Touch Myself Pineapple Community

– Freya from Pineapple Memories


See you guys there!


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