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Oh boy I miss this place so much, it’s been almost a year since I last posted here. I have been busy with my studies all this while, needing to study hard to get a scholarship and such. To set things off, I have begun my 2nd year in polytechnic, the first year was rather smooth and I’m thankful to have gotten good results for my first 2 semesters! My otaku life hasn’t been really smooth-sailing though, I hardly watch any of the new series because of time constrains but I’m starting to get back on track with older series. Recently I completed the whole series of Kara no Kyoukai which was purely just amazing, the 7 movies and Mirai Fukuin to the Extra Chorus of Mirai Fukuin, I had a really awesome adventure. Plus, I watched all of them on my TV with my laptop plugged in as the source, therefore all those Blu-Ray awesomeness was just let out all at once!


On a side note, I’m trying to spend less time on my desktop, that place is hell because it distracts me from what I want to do. Instead, I would try to watch more shows on the TV with my laptop. I find myself being able to do what I want to do when I’m not in front of my desktop, I’m less distracted and can choose to do my work in the living room without hesitating…AND AFTER THAT I WOULD WATCH MORE SHOWS YEAAA!


I also gave Psycho-Pass a go and gosh do I love it, it made me think a lot about the theories applied in the show and I love it when I have to research on what I watched because it keeps my mind active and refrains my brain from being lazy. So, Psycho-Pass is getting a remake which consists of 11 episodes, each being 1 hour, and it’ll be aired in July this year! Following that, Psycho-Pass 2 will air on October this year and I am filled with hype for it! Lastly, Psycho-Pass The Movie will begin showing in winter this year, with rumors saying that January will be the month for it to be shown. For those that have watched season 1, let me bring the hype to you with this awesome trailer!


I will begin posting more often if I can, I kind of wanna get some stuff back up going on this blog…and maybe also change the banner into something nicer. Prepare for a change soon! Take care, guys.




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