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Dragon Crisis NEW PV

Doesn’t look too bad to me.


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Hana Saku Iroha new PV

This is what I meant in my previous post.

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Moshi Dora cast announced!!

..2 only actually.

Story adapted from the popular business novel “What if a female manager of a high school baseball team read Drucker’s ‘Management’?” (もし高校野球の女子マネージャーがドラッカーの『マネジメント』を読んだら). Hikasa Youko will be voicing the main heroine, Kawashima Minami, and the good friend of the heroine, Miyata Yuki, will be voiced by Hanazawa Kana.


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Holy sh*t guys, guess what has Freya thought of and brought for you guys? A weekly post on a Anime Character of the Week, man. So what we got here as our first character to be picked is Nanaka Yatsushiro from Myself; Yourself, it’s a nice anime….you got my word for it…maybe a review of it soon…I don’t know but yea!

Reason why I chose her was because I just recently finished this anime and realize how great she expressed her feelings as a tsundere. Being an extremely timid and shy little innocent girl when she was young but turning into a quiet unsociable girl when she grew up because of a incident, and the way she explained the story out was in an extremely unexpected manner.

Man, she sure does look fierce but take my words for it, she is cute when she has to be.

Watch the anime and get a clear story behind all her sadness and feelings, definitely it’ll touch your heart and you’ll be able to understand what Nanaka has went through all these years.

So this wraps up my very first post of a future project, visit us next week again for the next post on Anime Character of the Week. I’m Freya here and thanks for reading.


<Freya> Hey man

<Freya> Guess which 2 awesome motherf***ers

<Freya> Stay up all night

<Freya> Just to think of new sh*ts for you guys?

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Was to busy replaying Startline PV to post this just now.

In the order of release,

Enjoy as much as you can before youtube takes them down.

1 day before Sphere live. Hope to hear some good news.

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Some of you might have heard of the title by nau.

And here we go. Ta-Daa
Just in case anyone doesn’t know this, they will be singing the opening for Ah! My Goddess OAD.
Actually its written in the website in the link above.

Anyone had a clue on where they went to shoot the pv this time?

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Dragon Crisis

so we get toradora! all over again?

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