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Was to busy replaying Startline PV to post this just now.

In the order of release,

Enjoy as much as you can before youtube takes them down.

1 day before Sphere live. Hope to hear some good news.


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Dill PV full

Am too excited to post this a few hours ago.

Enjoy and do buy it to support if you like it.

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Some of you might have heard of the title by nau.

And here we go. Ta-Daa
Just in case anyone doesn’t know this, they will be singing the opening for Ah! My Goddess OAD.
Actually its written in the website in the link above.

Anyone had a clue on where they went to shoot the pv this time?

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This is just a small compilation on the information I came across for the upcoming single release rush for the musicray’n girls in november.


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future gazer Full

Still not tempted?
There’s the pv to come. Actually there’s a LQ one right here.

It’s not too late to order it nau.

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This is the best I will can do with my laziness.
From sphere special volume 3 on MUSIC ON! TV that aired 2days ago.
Just in case anyone still doesn’t know, this song is the opening theme for Otome Youkai Zakuro in the coming fall season.

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Both songs have great lyrics, in their own ways.
I don’t regret ordering a copy of this.

Aki is da best.

[edk: Actually Mina-chan is.]

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