Guess who’s back!


Oh boy I miss this place so much, it’s been almost a year since I last posted here. I have been busy with my studies all this while, needing to study hard to get a scholarship and such. To set things off, I have begun my 2nd year in polytechnic, the first year was rather smooth and I’m thankful to have gotten good results for my first 2 semesters! My otaku life hasn’t been really smooth-sailing though, I hardly watch any of the new series because of time constrains but I’m starting to get back on track with older series. Recently I completed the whole series of Kara no Kyoukai which was purely just amazing, the 7 movies and Mirai Fukuin to the Extra Chorus of Mirai Fukuin, I had a really awesome adventure. Plus, I watched all of them on my TV with my laptop plugged in as the source, therefore all those Blu-Ray awesomeness was just let out all at once!


On a side note, I’m trying to spend less time on my desktop, that place is hell because it distracts me from what I want to do. Instead, I would try to watch more shows on the TV with my laptop. I find myself being able to do what I want to do when I’m not in front of my desktop, I’m less distracted and can choose to do my work in the living room without hesitating…AND AFTER THAT I WOULD WATCH MORE SHOWS YEAAA!


I also gave Psycho-Pass a go and gosh do I love it, it made me think a lot about the theories applied in the show and I love it when I have to research on what I watched because it keeps my mind active and refrains my brain from being lazy. So, Psycho-Pass is getting a remake which consists of 11 episodes, each being 1 hour, and it’ll be aired in July this year! Following that, Psycho-Pass 2 will air on October this year and I am filled with hype for it! Lastly, Psycho-Pass The Movie will begin showing in winter this year, with rumors saying that January will be the month for it to be shown. For those that have watched season 1, let me bring the hype to you with this awesome trailer!


I will begin posting more often if I can, I kind of wanna get some stuff back up going on this blog…and maybe also change the banner into something nicer. Prepare for a change soon! Take care, guys.




Hello everyone!

It’s been a LONG period since I’ve posted as well. Man when Freya updated the blog I felt all the nostalgia kicking in ;w;.

I haven’t hanged out with the other for years, quite literally, missing all the good times back then..

Not sure why but this sudden adrenaline is making me want to post again haha!

Hope everyone out there is doing fine~~!

I’m currently studying at Temasek Polytechnic as a Culinary student =P

I haven’t touched Precious Memories in 9 months… man I’m losing touch ><. I mainly play ChaOS at the moment now.

I’m 18 now!!!! Man 3 years just passes by in a blink of an eye, I still can remember most of the stuff we did when I was just sec 3..

Hopefully this blog will be revived again!

Signing off. YoruYume~

Hey guys, here’s another quick update. Since I have came back to start promoting and posting on this blog, I figured that I might as well just give a go at updating the ‘About’ section on this blog. It hasn’t been updated for about 3 years and now I feel that it’s only right to change the information about our past members and myself, along with what we actually aimed to achieve when we created this blog and how we actually managed to achieve it. It’s been a long journey with all of you, and I appreciate every one of you whom sacrificed a bit of your time to read what we posted. I hope that my choice of continuing this journey with all of you will be a fruitful one, once again, thank you so much everyone!




Wazzup people!

It’s been so so so long since I have last posted on this blog here and it just feels so weird not to blog. So here are a few updates about me based on the time that I have been MIA-ing all these months:

– I am currently in my first year in polytechnic, it’s something like college from other countries. I have been studying here since April and am enjoying my time here definitely.

– I have turned 17 about 5 months ago.

– I am in love with chawanmushi, I would do anything to get my hands on chawanmushi.

– I have made a return to the anime world, and soon I will make a return to the card games world once Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo comes out for Precious Memories which releases in late September or early October, that will be during the time of my semester holidays. I may make a comeback too for Weiss Schwarz, because I still have my Railgun deck and I am looking forward to modding once the Railgun S boosters come out, along with the Railgun 2nd boosters too.

– I have quit League of Legends about a week ago, this gave me more time for anime and studies.

– I am currently in love with Downtown Gaki no Tsukai, especially the No-Laughing batsu games.


So here are quite a few updates about me and I just want to start blogging again and I hope to be able to keep the fan base here and keep you guys updated about stuff. The summer season has already started so expect a post about the anime that are gonna be offered. Till my next post, stay cool people!




Freedom is here!

Hey guys! It’s been really long and it’s finally time to say, my final year exams are over! It was pretty smooth, but some subjects had pretty tough questions but overall, it was manageable! Finally I have time on my hands after so long, shall take a few days of rest and decide on what I want to do next. Some stuff to keep your heads up, tomorrow is finally AFA’12! And Rapid Culture will be there with a lot of pretty awesome products!

Here’s an overview of the booths at AFA’12, I’ll leave it to you guys to spot where Rapid Culture is. Also, do visit RC’s facebook page to get news on what RC will be bringing into the event! Here’s the link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rapid-Culture/169546615712
Do give RC your support if you are heading to AFA’12 tomorrow and also the day after! Till my next post, take care and stay awesome people!

Hey guys, as the title states! I had a really enjoyable weekend and I hope you guys had one too! So the new season has started and new animes are being aired currently. So far, I managed to catch Little Busters! which is so so awesome and promising, Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne which is really hilarious and Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! which is super random! Plus I managed to complete the entire Accel World series plus the first OVA episode, along with the final episode of the SAO arc! However, in terms of enjoyment, I would say that I enjoyed Accel World a little more than SAO. I’m sorry if I have offended anyone with that statement but don’t get me wrong, I love SAO too because it has a really brilliant concept and I am truly looking forward to the next arc in the series.Please don’t mind the date when I took this picture but yeah, this was the newest wallpaper that I had set for my phone, turns out Kuroyukihime has a really huge impact on me when I was watching through the series. She’s amazing! And…

Even my dad was influenced to watch it! And yes, my dad is a partial otaku, he has managed to watch a few series like Toradora!, Railgun, Valkyria Chronicles and Fate/Stay Night, and plans on starting on SAO after it finishes airing. He finished Accel World alongside with me because he couldn’t keep up with the Chinese subtitles on Funshion so we switched to watching on my computer instead, the photo above is old apparently. So yeah, this is a short post about my weekend and I am looking forward to a few more series that are gonna be shown in this season, and of course continue on those which are currently airing! Hope you guys will have a great day and a great week!





Hey people! It’s been 3 weeks since my last post here, time sure does pass really fast. So nothing much has been happening lately at my side. Just about 3 more weeks and I’ll be taking the first paper of my major exams for secondary school, pressurized yet looking forward towards it. A bit of update in my life after my major exams will be that I’ll most likely purchase Guild Wars 2 and play it with a few friends, plus also have long-time trainings with my League of Legends team to make it to the nationals, and also, find a job. What happened recently was that I finished a few other past season animes like Mayo Chiki! and Nisemonogatari. I had also caught up to the newest episode of Sword Art Online, which is a good anime but I have heard a lot of comments about having a lot of contents removed from the storyline of the novel. I’d give the light novel a read soon to see what I have missed out, but yea, episode 13 was out today and it gave us some pretty touching and epic moments as usual. Will be looking forward to the next episode next week, even my dad has been interested in this series! :O



Mayo Chiki! has been a great show throughout this weekend which was my rest period. I managed to finish it within 2 days despite having watched about 5 episodes before putting it on hold last year, I had to rewatch from the start as my memory about the earlier storyline was pretty vague. But nonetheless, I enjoyed myself every single second when I was watching this show, a review of it probably will be coming soon I guess! And not to mention…


Suzutsuki’s cuteness and humor every single time always made me a satisfied fanboy. Oh, and the awesome OP of this show drove me to rewatch it, just wanted to share it with you guys!

The news came to me pretty late because I’m a little slow but finally Little Busters! will be getting an anime and will be aired next week! I have been a fan of the VN since I was in primary school, so that means I have waited for approximately 5 years for an anime of the VN to be made. This will definitely be a must watch in my list, along with the continuation of SAO and maybe a few other series once I get a chance to take a look at the lineups for this season. Freedom is about a month away for me from now, just have to hang in there and study hard for now. Till my next post, stay awesome people!