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This is Life.

Sup people! STGCC’12 has ended about a week ago and I hope all of you have enjoyed yourselves there if you’ve attended it!

As my school holidays kicked in, I managed to catch up on a few series such as Kore wa Zombie desu ka? of the dead, which was hilarious and brilliant as the first series, and it also turned out to be better than the first series due to the introduction of a new storyline and casts, along with unique and unexpected humor within it. I had a great time watching it!

Next anime I managed to catch up on was Baka Test Season 2! I have been a huge fan of this series since the first season was aired and I was excited to watch this, nonetheless, I enjoyed every single episode that the second season brought. A continuation to an unfinished storyline from the first season, this was very well developed and the ending was brilliant on the last episode. This series will continue to be one of my favorites and I’m looking forward to the third season, this is the kind of series that don’t bore its watchers due to a never-ending flow of humor and interesting storyline!

Finally, the series that I have just completed today right before my school holidays end, and it’s none other than Seitokai Yakuindomo. When I first heard about this series 2 years ago, I wasn’t really sure about whether I could enjoy this series because I was more of a otaku that prefer serious animes. But I was proved wrong by this series, I couldn’t help but enjoy what this series had to offer. There is just so much perversion in this series that makes it a true comedy series. The characters are led by the student council president Shino Amakusa, a intelligent girl but somehow is interested in perverted things. Then we have Shichijou Aria, who plays the senpai character and holds nearly the same personality as Shino but more to the clumsy side as she is from a wealthy family and tends to have a lack of sense to her surroundings. Lastly, we have Hagimura Suzu, basically a loli character but a super intelligent one, who apparently hates being treated like a child or mistaken as one. People might first look at this series and think that it’s just another typical harem series but no, it turns out that the main character in this series is one with a whole lot of common sense in him, which makes the series unique and brilliant. He is most of the time being the one to stop the female characters from thinking too much on perverted things, which surprised me a lot. The student council consists of these 4 characters, with a female teacher in charge of them who is apparently always thinking about sex and is interested in younger males, approaches with her is always hilarious. There are also other side characters worth taking note of, in my opinion, the development of each character is very well shown.  Basically, this series has no storyline, it’s like a slice-of-life anime which is really random at many points, adding to the comedy sense in it! I had never regret the time I spent on this series, a true recommendation to anyone who wants a series to watch during their free time!


So yeah, that’s about it, I guess I’ll have to watch Sword Art Online and Accel World when my next break comes around. I’d probably get a job after my final year exams and most likely go back into Precious Memories, Toradora! has already been released for a quite a while and I’m thinking of playing that series when I return to the game. Till my next post, stay awesome people!





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