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Heya peeps, yoruyume reporting here from Pineapple Memories!

As you can see earlier on, Freya has decided to continue to manage the blog. As a fellow pineapple of course I can’t ditch my friends, that’s why I’ve decided to come back and help post rants~!

Though we’re pretty much busy and stuff, no worries! We’ll still provide our anime rants, ratings and reviews as well 😉

Keep your fingers touched for more exciting content from Pineapple Memories~



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My final decision

Gonna let you guys dig this favorite image of mine. And so on to the news I have for all of you. Since we’ve taken Pineapple Memories quite far from the start, I feel that I shouldn’t just throw the blog away and my final decision is to continue managing and running it. Sure, rest assured that you’ll have your usual anime rants and stuffs but just that they’ll be cut down quite a lot. Since I have to manage my time for studies, soccer and animes, I won’t have much time to post too often. So there you have it, be sure to check back soon!



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We’ve Moved!

As the titles says, edk has moved to a new blog and here’s the link: http://pineappledeluxe.wordpress.com

Now I know you guys have the same expression as that Mickey Mouse but don’t be afraid! We’re still posting up stuffs but just in different ways now. Pineapple Memories won’t be removed though, it’ll be left here for the memories, LOL. However, I may be moving back to my old blog, I’m still considering but if I do, I’ll put up the link here too. So just visit Pineapple Deluxe in the mean time, alright?


Oh yea, a quick news to top up the post. If I do stay in Pineapple Memories, I’d probably be running the blog myself, together in collaboration with edk’s blog. We’ll see how things go.

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