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Hello everyone!

It’s been a LONG period since I’ve posted as well. Man when Freya updated the blog I felt all the nostalgia kicking in ;w;.

I haven’t hanged out with the other for years, quite literally, missing all the good times back then..

Not sure why but this sudden adrenaline is making me want to post again haha!

Hope everyone out there is doing fine~~!

I’m currently studying at Temasek Polytechnic as a Culinary student =P

I haven’t touched Precious Memories in 9 months… man I’m losing touch ><. I mainly play ChaOS at the moment now.

I’m 18 now!!!! Man 3 years just passes by in a blink of an eye, I still can remember most of the stuff we did when I was just sec 3..

Hopefully this blog will be revived again!

Signing off. YoruYume~


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Hey guys, here’s another quick update. Since I have came back to start promoting and posting on this blog, I figured that I might as well just give a go at updating the ‘About’ section on this blog. It hasn’t been updated for about 3 years and now I feel that it’s only right to change the information about our past members and myself, along with what we actually aimed to achieve when we created this blog and how we actually managed to achieve it. It’s been a long journey with all of you, and I appreciate every one of you whom sacrificed a bit of your time to read what we posted. I hope that my choice of continuing this journey with all of you will be a fruitful one, once again, thank you so much everyone!




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Wazzup people!

It’s been so so so long since I have last posted on this blog here and it just feels so weird not to blog. So here are a few updates about me based on the time that I have been MIA-ing all these months:

– I am currently in my first year in polytechnic, it’s something like college from other countries. I have been studying here since April and am enjoying my time here definitely.

– I have turned 17 about 5 months ago.

– I am in love with chawanmushi, I would do anything to get my hands on chawanmushi.

– I have made a return to the anime world, and soon I will make a return to the card games world once Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo comes out for Precious Memories which releases in late September or early October, that will be during the time of my semester holidays. I may make a comeback too for Weiss Schwarz, because I still have my Railgun deck and I am looking forward to modding once the Railgun S boosters come out, along with the Railgun 2nd boosters too.

– I have quit League of Legends about a week ago, this gave me more time for anime and studies.

– I am currently in love with Downtown Gaki no Tsukai, especially the No-Laughing batsu games.


So here are quite a few updates about me and I just want to start blogging again and I hope to be able to keep the fan base here and keep you guys updated about stuff. The summer season has already started so expect a post about the anime that are gonna be offered. Till my next post, stay cool people!




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